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Less pain and suffering – safer and more efficient surgery

Mölnlycke Health Care is a leading provider of single-use surgical and wound care products. We help patients to less pain and aid healthcare professionals to safer and more efficient surgery with our solutions and products.

We provide solutions for infection preventionpressure ulcer prevention and treatmentO.R. efficiency and postoperative blistering.

Less pain and suffering – safer and more efficient surgery

Our solutions

Innovative all-in-one foam dressing

Innovative all-in-one foam dressing

An all-in-one foam dressing with proprietary Flex Technology™ for improved stay-on-ability, conformability, and comfort. Designed to manage more exudate and wound types better, for longer. More about this solution...

Our solution(s): Proprietary Flex Technology - for longer wear time , Designed for superior exudate and bacteria management and Optimised clinical efficiency

Patient warming

Patient warming

Effective, continuous patient warming helps managing the risk of hypothermia. It reduces surgical site infections and other complications, patient anxiety and recovery times. This means higher throughput of patients and saved resources. More about this solution...

Our solution(s): Risk and consequences of hypothermia

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Radiotherapy-induced skin damage

Half of all patients with cancer will undergo radiotherapy as a part of their treatment. About 90 percent of these patients suffer skin reactions, from erythema to moist desquamation. Until very recently there has been no standard treatment available More about this solution...

Our solution(s): Mepitel Film – For prevention , Radiotherapy induced skin reactions , Mepilex Lite – Clinically proven to work , Dr. Patries Herst – Dressing for radiation-induced skin reactions and Intra-patient controlled trial

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Solution for burns

Burns are preventable. Despite this, they are a global public health issue that occur mainly in the home and work environments. In 2004, nearly 11 million people were burned severely enough to require medical attention. More about this solution...

Our solution(s): Cost effectiveness with Mepilex Ag , Fixation with Mepitel One and Mepitel in paediatric burns

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Venous leg ulcers – Prevention and treatment

Leg ulcers are a major health and healthcare problem, affecting people throughout the world. Venous leg ulcers could account for 80 percent of all leg ulcers. Also they pose a significant financial burden on healthcare resources. More about this solution...

Our solution(s): Venous leg ulcer education modules , Quality of life issues for venous leg ulcer patients , What is a venous leg ulcer , Pain and Infection and Causes of a venous leg ulcer

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Post-operative solutions

Choosing the right post-op surgical dressings contribute to positive outcomes, including in helping prevent SSIs, supporting early mobility and managing the total cost of care More about this solution...

Our solution(s): Preventing SSIs , Supporting patient mobility and Managing costs

O.R. efficiency

O.R. efficiency

High-quality, safety-enhancing, procedure-specific products, lean supply, delivery and logistics options and training and support to improve operating-room efficiency More about this solution...

Our solution(s): Customized laparoscopic solutions , Time-and-cost savings , Less stress for surgical staff , Less waste brings environmental benefits , Lean supply and logistics , Training and support , Material organize using colour-coding and Tray value calculator

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Negative pressure wound therapy

Avance NPWT system is a negative pressure wound therapy system designed to minimize unnecessary pain and stress to maximize healing More about this solution...

Our solution(s): Minimizing pain and stress to maximize healing , Increasing mobility and quality of life and Service and support you can trust

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Diabetic foot ulcers – Prevention and treatment

Diabetes is an ever-increasing condition and a massive 439 million may have the condition by 2030. People with diabetes are prone to frequent and often severe foot problems, such as ulcers and a relatively high risk of infection, gangrene and am More about this solution...

Our solution(s): Rapid treatment of all foot problems , Correct foot wear , Education of people with diabetes and healthcare professionals , Annual Visual Inspection and Identification of the Foot at Risk , Diabetes and the foot and A review of the challenges of the Diabetic Foot

Pressure ulcers – Prevention and treatment

Pressure ulcers – Prevention and treatment

Pressure ulcers – the most frequent type of expensive, avoidable side-effect of care – have been estimated to cost a facility USD 10,288 per occurrence.  More about this solution...

Our solution(s): The importance of a comprehensive prevention programme , The problem , Dressings for prevention , The power of four and Clinically proven to reduce pressure ulcers