Surgeon in scrubs, headwear and mask adjusting surgical gloves

Biogel surgical gloves

Biogel – the right glove for any surgery

Biogel® is the world's leading brand for high quality, technically advanced surgical gloves for healthcare professionals. Biogel surgical gloves set the standards in protection and comfort, and have a superior puncture indication system for enhanced safety.

The wide range includes powder-free, low-protein natural rubber latex gloves and powder free synthetic surgical gloves that vary in sensitivity and texture to suit different comfort and protection needs.



Surgical gloves e-learning

Take our e-learning courses on puncture indication and double gloving to learn more about the benefits of Biogel surgical gloves


Our range of surgical gloves

Latex surgical gloves

Biogel surgical gloves, the world's first polymer coated, powder-free surgical...

Synthetic surgical gloves

Because they are made from a synthetic elastomer, Biogel synthetic surgical...

Recommended products

Biogel PI Micro Indicator
Biogel PI Micro Indicator

Thinner puncture indication glove for improved tactile sensitivity

Biogel PI Indicator System
Biogel PI Indicator System

Double-gloving system recommended for all types of surgery

Biogel Surgeons
Biogel Surgeons

Recommened for all general surgery that does not require unique characteristics

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Puncture indication system

The Biogel puncture indication system is a double-gloving solution ...

Double gloving for complete protection

Double gloving is proven to reduce the risk of spreading blood borne ...

Accelerator-free gloves to avoid chemical...

Hypoallergenic surgical gloves manufactured without the chemicals ...

Powder-free surgical gloves

Powder used in surgical gloves poses significant health risks to both ...

The dangers of powder in surgical gloves

Eliminating glove powder can eliminate several adverse health ...